Once a month

We help you buy wines served in restos we love

We are:

Pierre and Jean (Achillée), Karim (Karim Vionnet), Vincent (Champagne Vincent Charlot), Jean-Christophe (Vignoble Pellerin), Stéphan (Palhas, Wine in the Afternoon, Badoulin) and other winemakers. Strong focus on natural techniques.

Corentin, importer in Sweden. Strong interest in genuine winemaking.

Once a month, we ship your order

Achillée (!) has created a new company, Star Command, to run the operation.

It works like this:

- You order by the 25th of each month

- We prepare orders and ship to your destination

- Winemakers get paid a fair price

- Where necessary, we declare and pay taxes in the country of destination


La Petite Odyssée

Karim Vionnet


Stéphan Elzière

Vincent Charlot / Charlot-Tanneux


Exciting. Where can I check out the wines?

Go to the catalogue page.